Simon J Smith
(Forensic IT Expert Witness)

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Cybercrime/IT/Fraud Forensic Investigator, Expert Witness/Determiner, Senior Software Engineer, Mediator, Entrepreneur, Innovator CEO CTO CCISO CFE, FDRP


About Simon Smith

Simon Smith has over 23 years of full time IT industry experience. He is an expert in cybersecurity & cybercrime forensics, fraud cases, e-crime, AI/ML/BCI/Ocular programming algorithms, Dark web, Deepfake, blockchain, and software engineering.

"Australia's Best Cyber Expert Witness and Cyber Forensic Investigator and Technology Software Engineer"

"Perhaps the World's Best Investigator" - SecurityNow 2017


Simon Smith spends his time predominantly working on new projects that are automated and algorithmic, and make the most of technical advancements. He also lends his expertise to the Courts.
Expert Witness Services

Simon Smith has given expert evidence and depositions in all the major Courts and Tribunals in Australia, as well as the High Court of NZ.

High Profile Cyber Investigations

Simon Smith has solved countless cybercrimes and cases that relate to complex blockchain, cryptocurrency, cyberstalking and other sophisticated IT forensic cases.

Software Development and Business Innovations

Simon Smith is an expert in Software Development and the entire SDLC, and has been developing solutions ever since he was a teenager. He has written complex systems (both industrial and mobile) that have automated and simplified tasks for decades.


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More about Simon Smith

More about Simon Smith

Simon is a computer programming expert with full SDLC experience. He now specialises in Cyber Security & Cyber Crime Investigations & Intelligence, IAM/RFID, fraud, BCI/ML/AI, biometrics, ISO 27001 audits and Expert Witness reporting. He holds a CCISO, CBCM, CAMS, CHFI, CEH, CFE, CITP, CNDA, CCE, cyRM, ACE, CLA, CCSA, CCSM, NAM, MPM, CIPM, MPM, FDRP, CLA, MCSD (App Builder), MCSE (Mobility/SQL/Analytics), MCSAx3, PSM (Scrum Master), PRINCE2/P, COBIT5, MAISI, Blockchain Solidity/Pro/Dev/Expert. C|BP, CCIB, CBD, CBE, CEE, PRM, ITIL, CIRS & SSBB, AML/CTF KYC Certifications. He is also a first responder to major cyber crisis events and an Australian public figure for cybercrime intelligence - as well as 'the' Expert Witness for Cyber & IT cases in AU/NZ Courts with EW training in NSW by Hugh Selby.

He is a Certified Cybercrime Expert, specialist in Splunk, Palo Alto, CyberArk, IBM B/C, Win32 API, C, SQL, ObjC, Java, Python, .NET, and is a Certified Checkpoint Security Master. He consults in cyberstalking, cybercrime, cybersecurity, blockchain, online fraud, dark web, software, security auditing, litigation assistance and technology cases.

Since 11yo, Simon excelled through to VCE (top 2%) in AU in IT. Shortly after, he was offered an Analyst Programmer role, became a serial entrepreneur, CXO and expert Snr. Systems Analyst.

Simon now testifies in civil and criminal cases. He is an expert in IP tracking and has solved over 500 cases. The UK Police Force even sought his skills in 2017. SecurityNow's Ken Hess has called him "Perhaps the World's Best Investigator".

At 21, he began lecturing Programming/SQL/VB/.NET at Swinburne Uni after work. He founded US/AU medico-legal firms and has appeared on Sky News, SBS, The Project (10), Today (9), ABC (2) A Current Affair (9), Amazon Prime, radio, and is an Hon. board member of EC Council (IIB).

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About Simon

Simon is a computer programming expert with full SDLC experience. He now specialises in Cyber Security & Cyber Crime Investigations, Intelligence, and IT Expert Witness cases and is a well respected entrepreneur, innovator and technologist.

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